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    Dr Arminian Is always available to answer every question and cover even those I don’t have. I feel very cared for by him.

    ~ Jane Cusack ~

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    Very professional doctor. Took the time to investigate the problem and make a diagnosis. I would recommend him to anyone with foot problems

    ~ Rita Pereira ~

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    I have been suffering from severe right ankle arthritis for 15 years. Saw Dr Aminian for a third opinion on total arthroplasty, since I was not comfortable
    with prior-surgical plans offered. I am so glad to have come to see Dr Aminian . He is a superb surgeon with exemplary bed side manor . H...

    ~ Reza Navai ~

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    I have been suffering from a sever case of neuropathy in my left foot for years and have seen many doctors, some recommending surgery. Doctor Aminian was highly recommended by my sister who went to see him for a second opinion for her condition and had decided to get her treatment from Doctor Anini...

    ~ Shala Tavakoli ~

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    Dr. Armenian is a wonderful doctor who exhibits complete knowledge of the foot, ankle, and leg anatomy. He has done a couple of hammertoe surgeries and I could not be any happier with the results. I highly recommend him.

    ~ Chris Connally ~

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    Dr Aminian is a phenomenally caring and knowledgeable doctor as well as surgeon. He has a very kind and calm bedside manner. He takes the time to explain everything and answer all your questions. Dr Aminian helped me through a very painful injury and was there for me every step of the way, from the ...

    ~ Natalie Grumet ~

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    Great covid protocol, always take the time to go over symptoms,treatment and options.

    ~ Jax Sherwood ~

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    Dr. Aminian is a very attentive, kind doctor. He explains everything and answers all my questions regarding my son's injury. Because x-rays were done in his office, he can see right away what needs to be done and makes sure I understood how to take care of my son at home and how he can move around i...

    ~ Llewellyn Pham ~

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    I had not met Dr. Aminian,, before, but my first visit on Dec 21 was very pleasant. I had injured lower left leg and ankle. Many x-rays were taken, and then Dr. Aminian explained to me what was wrong and what was causing the swelling and pain. He gave me an exercise to follow up with. In less th...

    ~ M. Y. Johnson ~

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    Dr. Aminian is an excellent and caring doctor. He reminds me of doctors when I was young, that took time to explain things to you and make sure you were doing okay! We need more doctors like him!

    ~ Sandy Brown ~

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