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    Very Professional and a feeling of importance was received.
    Thank you

    ~ Marty Walker ~

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    Dr Aminian makes a patient feel like they are getting the best medical attention in a calm and informative manner. I have a serous foot and ankle injury but I feel I am going to get the best outcome possible because of Dr Aminian

    ~ Richard Anderson ~

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    Quick, efficient, so many people working to make everything run smoothly, quickly and on time. Dr. Arminian was kind and helpful.

    ~ Katie Holt ~

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    very professional, and very personable, i would definitely recommend his services.

    ~ S. john carson ~

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    The office was organized so I didn’t have to wait long before being called back to an exam room. Dr. Aminian was very professional. He explained my situation clearly and detailed next steps to make sure I was ok with the course of action.

    ~ Cynthia Aragon ~

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    Arash Arminian is an excellent doctor. Knowing that he performs so many ankle related surgeries per week I was confident with his expertise. It’s been 8 months since my Achilles rupture and i was able to stand on the bad ankle in just 5months and walk within 3 months. Everything seems normal I hig...

    ~ J Smith and Wes ~

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    Very professional and on time. The doctor is very good at explaining things. Staff is very nice too.

    ~ Shelley Arends Cornwell ~

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    Dr. Aminian was very friendly and very thorough with the exam of my foot. Instead of recommending surgery as a first choice, he showed me exercises and stretching exercises to alleviate the pain I was in. When I left the office the exercises he showed me had already made a lot of the pain reside. I ...

    ~ Julie Galkin ~

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    Of course I was nervous and freaked out with the idea of foot surgery, but Dr. Aminian and his staff at SCOS, as well as the entire surgical team at Memorial Care Laguna Woods, made the process as comfortable and easy as it could be. Dr. Aminian is attentive and did everything he could to alleviate ...

    ~ D W O ~

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    SCOS offers the very best in a medical practice; the office is clean, the staff is always friendly, helpful and kind. Dr.Aminian is an empathetic and extremely knowledgeable Doctor. He’s performed two good surgeries for me (because I’m a complete klutz) and I’ve sailed through them due to Dr.A...

    ~ Alix Jarrard ~

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