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    Very Good

    Comments: I have been suffering from a sever case of neuropathy in my left foot for years and have seen many doctors, some recommending surgery. Doctor Aminian was highly recommended by my sister who went to see him for a second opinion for her condition and had decided to get her treatment from Doctor Aninian.

    I was so pleasantly surprised to be called in right on time and see the doctor right away. He had already seen my MRI and listened to me carefully and asked several questions and explained course of treatment which fortunately did not include surgery. Another impressive suggestion was to take B12 and when I explained I had digestive issues he recommended a subliminal pill and even provided the name of a manufacturer and suggested to check on Amazon as well before ordering. I did get an injection where I have developed arthritis and it was done with a ultra sound machine to ensure the correct spot for the injection. I am doing really well and so happy that I listened to my older sister and saw doctor Aminian. I think this doctor really cares about his patients and he listens carefully, asked good questions and explains the course of action very clearly. I am very grateful for the great care I received from Dr. Aminian.