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    Very Good

    Comments: Dr. Aminian is an ankle GOD! We are 5 surgeries in after 11 months the 15 screws and 2 plates have been removed, I already feel so much better. I could write a 10 page review but wont waste everyone's time, I'm a very happy client and can tell you if you have the ability to use him as your surgeon you SHOULD! His team is very polite and his newest PA is the best. I've been through a couple during my time there. I had my 5th surgery 2 days ago, Dr. Aminian called me the following day and walked me through the details as usual, he is very informative and understanding, he follows through and does great work. I even popped into his office yesterday at 12:08 at lunch and his team lead took his time to clean and rebandage my ankle. Talk about service! Thanks for everything